Health & Wellness Coach

I'm a Certified Health & Wellness Coach and Founder/Owner of Maui Wellness Coach. I guide and support women to become healthier and happier.

Everyone is unique with a different set of goals for wellness. I work with clients to achieve optimal health by providing support that positively transforms lives.

I can empower women through positive psychology, structure, accountability, goal-setting and developing strategies to overcome obstacles.

Each program is tailored to your goals and vision to help you flourish and live your best life.

I have been a vegan since 1994 and can help you avoid common nutrition mistakes and thrive on a plant-based lifestyle.

Work with me one-to-one in person or remotely via Skype, Face Time or Phone.

Coaching sessions are 1 hour.

Specialty Areas:

Wellness Coaching
Healthy Plant-Based Nutrition
Stress Management
Physical Fitness for Optimal Health

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