FREE COMPUTER HELP If You Know Your Computer


My name is James and I live in Wailuku.

I will correspond with you by phone and walk you through the steps to solve the problem(s) for free.

If you do not understand your computer well then I am able to solve the problem(s) at your place

my place or anyplace ( Better to choose a place w/internet connection).

I am able to solve problems on any window platform from Windows 3.1 to Windows 10.
Windows 10 is basically Win7 with Phone Apps!
I am also capable of solving problems on Macintosh Apple computers.
I will also help you with HDTV and other electronics issues.

All I ask is for a small donation of any amount you choose.

My number is 515 999 6793 or Text (Google Hangouts number)

I have over 30 yrs of experience.

To name a few of my real world qualifications I will list three

1) I once did a computer (Win Xp) that was written in the Korean language. The sound was not working.
After checking all power and correct speaker connections and that the speakers itself worked, I
concluded that it may be a software issue (rarely the circuits on the motherboard would burn causing a disconnect) So instead of changing the language to English which may create it's own problems I knew where to look for answers and proceeded.
I knew where to go just by following the windows default icons, tabs and context menus, on the computer.
Like this:
Start/Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager/Sound. video and game controllers.
I then did what was necessary to get the drivers to work by uninstalling, reinstalling, updating, rolling back, or using a cd, etc.

2) I am able from scratch, to put a computer together blindfolded just by feel. That means having an empty Motherboard already installed in a case where I would install the hardware from power to power on. Or I can just put it together outside of the case with the parts installed on the motherboard and have it boot-up.
I know where all the parts go..................however, all the parts must be compatible meaning it must work with each other.
Older computers will give you beep codes and you can find out what hardware is having issues
by the amount and duration of the beeps. Newer ones have similar traits.

3) Employed at an installation that required a secret security clearance I once found a flaw in the computer systems personal log in.
An active help file icon in a log in window was all that remained after log out and all that was needed to penetrate deep into personal MS access and other critical files.
I have trained myself to think outside of the box, and of course I brought this flaw to the attention of my superiors ( day after day) - would you believe it took almost two weeks for them to fully realize that I just compromised their system?

I am an intermediate user of MS Office Xp, 2003,2007 and Present and can help you with problems in Outlook, Word, Excel, and Power Point.
I can Network your home with cat5 or 6 cables or set up a wireless network.
I can remove Mal-ware, Spyware or Viruses.
I can help setup any email account and import, export your address book(s).
I can configure your firewall - virtual proxy, hardware router, or software standalone or bundled.
I will help you recover lost data with simple tools.

If you respond and ask I will answer any question(s) you have.

But then if you don't believe me try me.

If I can do it through the phone I'll do it for free.
For extreme problems all I ask is for a donation of any amount you choose
or if you cannot pay just please help me with my gas for my truck if I need to visit you or a small amount for my electricity if you come to visit me.

I did computers before for free (amazing the amount of friends you can acquire when they know you're a comp tech) and had many visitors.
But my electric bill started to climb dramatically so it was like I was paying people to fix their computers - not good.

Anyway Mahalo Nui Loa for taking your time to read this long winded write.

I can be reached by calling 515 999 6793 or Text (Google Hangouts number)

By phone to solve problems free.