Maui Workforce Development Advocate and Community Educator

Member Duties: Develop comprehensive policies and best practices to cross-train American Job Center (AJC) partners and service providers for co-enrollment of individuals in WIOA programs. Develop AJC policies for oversight of service provider contracts. Draft scope of work guidance for local Workforce Development Board (WDB) Executive Director, chair, and members to engage them in industry/sector outreach. Develop enhanced business engagement strategies with a focus on promoting in-demand support services, community development initiatives and AJC branding. Research the feasibility of implementing certification programs that result in employer-recognized credentials. Develop outreach material templates including flyers, posters, and digital materials with consistent statewide branding and messaging.

The Hawaii Workforce Development Council (WDC) and its statewide network of American Job Centers (AJCs) leverage service providers programs and resources to assist individuals with employment barriers to secure sustainable employment. The network also provides workforce development support to local businesses without human resources departments. In 2019, the WDC is expanding its local capacity to serve job seekers and businesses through AJC policies that enhance the customer experience and promote brand recognition, increased networking and outreach by WDC Workforce Development Boards (WDBs) and Committee members, and through recruitment of local businesses as AJC advocates. Successful applicants are committed to developing effective policies that align local activity with state and federal mandates, to engaging local board and committee participation in industry/sector outreach activity, and to increasing community awareness of the AJC network through effective outreach and partner building. The ideal VISTA candidate also demonstrates strong organizational skills, follow through, attention to detail, and exceptional oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills. This position is part of a statewide VISTA cadre deployed in AJCs and Offices of Economic Development on Maui, Kauai and Hawaii Island, and on Oahu in the WDC office. In addition to experiencing camaraderie, networking, and cultural diversity, the VISTA will participate in weekly check-ins with their local site supervisor, and weekly conference calls with the Oahu VISTA to align specific activities and deliverables. Local area duties and professional development opportunities may require air travel to Honolulu. The successful VISTA applicant will join a passionate team of workforce development professionals who are committed to assisting individuals with employment barriers, and to making their AJC the go-to resource for local business and individual employment assistance.