My girl went missing after a shopping trip at Safeway Lahaina. late night Wednesday 12th early Morning mindnight the 13th of September. She was wearing a black collar and had her green Maui County Tag along with it.

She can be timid when approached.

She may come to anyone walking their dog to play.

She grew up with a smaller playful terrier mix and 4 keiki who play with her daily. She has been with us since she was a pup around 2 months. She made 2yrs this July.

She is not only a part of the family. She is my service animal who keeps me safe and helps me get around.

Please call me as soon as possible. I know someone has taken her in by now. Mahalo for taking good care of her.

She is chipped, and has a green line tattoo on her belly from getting fix at the
Humane Society. ‭(808) 877-3680‬. Who is on the look out as well as the
Non Emergency Police Department ‭: 808-244-6400‬
Or you may call: 808-600-0542

Please, if you’ve seen her at any point, call any of the numbers above. She is missed, and the only one that is able to help me heal and get around on a daily basis.