Someone is poisoning the feral cats maalaia

I have been feeding and trying to catch Momas and babies for months, spay/neuter release. I have counted up to 13, and so sorry to say a few are not feral. Some are eat tipped.
Yet when I go back to feed and catch, many of the momas, babies, and even ear tipped, are gone. This is in front of the Maui Pono gate, at the end of the road where all the condos are.
I have been documenting this for 6 months.
No one is taking them, to The Maui Humane Society, they are just gone.
It is illegal, to dump animals, and kill domestic cats and dogs, feral or not.
My guess there is poisoning going on.
Those of you that think it solves the problem are wrong. They repopulate and start all over. I urge anyone in that area to call the police, and humane enforcement at 808-877-3680.
Even you tourists.