24-7 Quality Electrical

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Full service licensed electrician that takes prided in providing Quality up to code electrical services with open communication. I design and build an electrical systems that will fit any electrical needs for most budgets, while providing multiple options with different ways of engineering and tackling the scope of work, that each customer desires or is recommended to fit there unique electrical situation. at appropriate prices with no hidden charges. No task is to big or too small. Call today for a free estimate.

Remodels, repairs, special request.
Home Safety
Code updates, system checks, Meg testing, home surge protection, part replacement
New wiring, up grades, special request, remodels, devices swaps, switches, lighting, fan’s, security cameras, telephone/ TV, home theater
Custom Lighting
Landscaping lighting, LED’s, chandeliers, pools/spas
Panels/ Breakers
Up grades, swaps, code corrections,
Trouble shooting
Electrical safety checks, repair any/all electrical issues, evaluation of customer concerns,
Emergency services calls