Highest Quality Ground Cover - Must see! - $300 (Captain Cook)

Incredible deal on Ground Cover

Farm and Garden sells their ground cover for 11 cents a square foot (300 feet by 12 feet roll is $400 with tax). I am selling mine for $300 a roll.

I have high quality ground cover rolls that are 328 feet by 11 feet (folded in half so the rolls are only 5.5 feet long - see picture) That is 8 cents per square foot.

That is 28 feet longer than a football field length of 100 yards (300 feet).

25% cheaper than Farm and Garden.

The ground cover Home Depot and Lowes sells is cheap, rips easily, and much more expensive. They also dont come in such large rolls like this one that is 11 feet by 328 feet long.

If you are looking for high quality ground cover that lets the water through, blocks out the light so weeds or grass does not grow, then this is perfect for you. Why mow an acre every week when you can cover it?

I did a lot of research to find the best ground cover, and got more than I needed. I am loving it! I didnt believe people when they told me that grass can grow 6 inches in a day, but wow, seeing is believing. Cover areas of your property so you don't have to mow it and save so much time and money.

If you get 2 or more rolls, you get $100 off the world's first all-glass, gravity-fed, counter-top water purifier from The Water Machine. It is great for catchment water, rain water, or even purifying county water and removing viruses, pathogens, bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, and other contaminants from your drinking water. Retails for for $299, with $100 off this is a Sweet deal!

Serious inquiries only. If this posting is up, its available. If interested, let me know how many rolls you want and a good day, time to meet and your phone#. I am in Captain Cook.

***** I have just been informed by one of my repeat customers that my weed mat kills fire ants. They just can live under it, and he tells me this is a big problem in certain areas of the Big Island. So if you have fire ants, and want a solution, I am your guy.