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Candy Cane Weed is an Indica cannabis strain that derives its name from its distinct sent: that of mint and sweet berries with a taste that’s quite similar but with citrusy undertones.

This Strain autoflowers in 7 weeks and produces moderately high yields in both indoor and outdoor gardens.

Candy Cane Cannabis Strain Flavor

Candy Cane Cannabis aroma is where its appeal really becomes evident. The cured flowers have a sweet and herbal scent, strikingly similar to the peppermint smell of candy canes.

Order Candy Cane Marijuana Effects:

Candy Cane Marijuana takes hold quickly, manifesting first as a change in pulse around the eyes and temples. Users may have an initial feeling of “mindrace,” with thoughts jumping from one to the next. This feeling may make sensory perception feel sharper or more intense. As the high progresses, this cerebral activity slows down into a mellow elevation in mood and thinking. These mental effects are accompanied by a pervasive sense of physical relaxation that melts away any lingering stress. The union of mental and physical properties makes this a great strain for socializing in familiar surroundings or simply staying in with a book or some music.

Medical Use:

As a sufferer of severe migraines and chronic back pain, this strain is AMAZING. Perfect pain relief, nausea relief, and very relaxing. Would also recommend for insomnia sufferers. If you don’t want to be knocked out, just grab an energy drink to chug after having the stuff, and you’ll be right as rain. As for the emotional feel…it feels like LOVE. It makes you feel warm and floaty and your heart skips a beat, and you’re very aroused, but not in an annoying way. Just in a fun, “I’ve got a secret” way. You should totally look into this hybrid!